Hi there, Skully Bone, for Boney News.


We get comments, and we’re going to read one for you right now.


Confused says:

What is this?

Where the hell did you from?

You’re confused alright.

How the hell did you get on YouTube?

Well confused, we’re going to answer your questions right here.


What The Hell Is This?

I’m Skully Bone, and this is Boney News You idiot!


Where The Hell Did You From?

Well confused, we think you meant to say:

Where the hell did you “come” from?Again, I’m Skully Bone, reporter from hell.Where do you think I come from?


How the hell did you get on YouTube?

To answer that, we made a video called Making Boney News and we’re going to play it for you in just a second.


But first we want to tell everyone if you want contact Skully and have him comment back, just go to the blog and click on-

Ask Skully.


If you want to be a real coward, and not leave your email address, then just go to the Blog and comment on any article.

You don’t have to give any information, or use any Captcha’s. And if I’m not out raising hell. or reeking havoc, I’ll probably answer you.


OK, so now on to the video-


OK, so we hope that answered your questions Confused.Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, and YouTube channel.


Well that’s it.

And as always, well end this with:

A Drive Through broward County

Be Seeing Ya! HA HA HA!



© Skully Bone
© 2017 All Rights Reserved


© Skully Bone
© 2017 All Rights Reserved

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