County Employee Gets Jail Time For Stupidity

County Employee Gets Jail Time For Stupidity


boney news skully bone logoCounty Employee Gets Jail Time For Stupidity-Hi there, I’m Skully Bone, your reporter from hell.


When the people at South Florida Corruption ask me to introduce this video I said: “What, have you guys lost your minds over there?”


But I said, “OK, most of the judges in Broward are going to end up with me anyway”.


OK, here we go.


It looks like the judges aren’t the only incompetent people working at the new Broward County courthouse.


A couple of months ago, a county maintenance worker exited a courtroom through the wrong door and got herself locked in an inmate holding cell.


Forget this, seven hours! Ha, Ha, Ha, Seven hours!


She tried using her cell phone to call for help, but the cell service at the Brand new Broward County Courthouse is so crappy, she couldn’t get a call or text out for help. 


She talked to someone through the locked door, she thought was one of the cleaning staff, but they must be incompetent too because help never came.



Ha Ha Ha



You may ask yourself, don’t they have surveillance cameras at the brand new Broward County Courthouse?


The answer is yes, yes they do.


The system has only one flaw. Someone has to be watching. Ha, Ha, Ha.


Apparently those county employees are incompetent too because if they had been watching, she would not have been there that long.


Good thing some terrorist didn’t want to put a bomb in there at that time.


Eventually, seven hours later, a text message went out to her daughter, who called 911.


She was rescued, unharmed, by deputies, at about 2:00 AM.



Let’s Listen to The 911 Call


Heh, Heh, Heh, Wow!


They’ve got some pretty stupid people running that courthouse over there, don’t they?


Well, that’s it.


We’ll end this story, with a:


Drive Through Broward County Florida


Be seeing ya Ha Ha Ha





© Skully Bone
© 2017 All Rights Reserved


© Skully Bone
© 2017 All Rights Reserved

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